Wednesday, June 30, 2010

lecture drawings

these are what my design history lecture notes generally look like -
i found these drawings the other day and they made me smile!

the top one is from this year, when we were learning about the aftermath of WWII etc,
and the other two are from sometime last year....
i guess you can see i sometimes find it hard to concentrate!

Monday, June 21, 2010

visual diary

Even though i'm not a very 'girly girl' i really like these Dior adverts
- most of all i love the ribbon type that says "Miss Dior" - so pretty!

Since starting college last year, i have been finding it harder and harder to find the time to do 'my own stuff' and after a more than a year of feeling the pressure something else has happened - i have lost 'my own style'!

So i made a decision to try my very hardest to find it again, which is why i made this visual diary and hopefully i will be able to fill its almost-square shaped pages with something new each day of our six-week winter holiday. Above is a drawing/collage from a few days ago....

cut cut stick stick

Here are some collages that i made - some more recent than others!

The first one was just for fun...

This one was for our final project last year, focusing on the Converse All Star
(will put up more on that soon)

and this one was for a group poster about... yep, the 2010 fifa world cup!
It had to combine football with libraries - very simple concept

Sunday, June 20, 2010

rainbow disco strobe!

Some more pictures from last thursday - i was having so much fun with my camera!

I got to try out my shiny new Nikon last Thursday at the MIXTAPE party at the Albert Hall in Woodstock - not too shabby hey?


Some new sketches for a collaborative illustration with a good friend - more on its way!


This is a drawing I did quite a while back, after having a very funny conversation with my best friend, Natz. We were bust talking on the phone when all of a sudden she yelled,
"Aahh there's spaghetti in my hair!"
and this image just popped into my head!

last of the birthday flowers

It was my birthday about two weeks ago and I still have some roses left! (Thanks to the very amazing Leigh!) Even though some of them are looking a little bit sad, I think they look even more interesting and beautiful now that they are in their last days - almost like an old painting...

Treasure hunting

Yesterday was "market day" - first at the Neighbourgoods Market in Woodstock and then it was off to the Milnerton market - where I found this sweet little owl brooch. For only 5 rand!