Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ok, so these will most probably give me terrible hayfever, but i just had to put them in my room!

Here are some new photos (well, not that new!) but I needed to clean up my camera,
and I found these! This top one was taken at college, a few months ago when the trees still had leaves...

and these are some funny ones of pegs on our washing line... 

I just liked the colours and the way the light is filtered through this purple one

Sunday, August 15, 2010

some drawings

These are from an observational drawing project that we did a few months ago, it took me hours to finish these, but i think they came out all right in the end! The brief was titled, 'Unpacking the Bag' and we basically just had to a series of tonal pencil drawings capturing a bag being slowly unpacked.

The last one here i took when i was about halfway done with the last drawing of the set - I always think it's nice to see how drawings (or any other artwork actually!) progress...
(Sorry about the bad image quality).


Something that I just finished, magazine cover layout using Adobe InDesign.
Learnt so much about leading, kerning, positioning and colouring in the past week, but looking at this picture now, I can still see a few changes that need to be made!

We shot these movie poster photos last term, and now we used them to do a layout of a fictitious film magazine.

Thanks to Niklas for being a great model.