Thursday, March 24, 2011

Doctor Bobo and my camera

I was walking around my neighbourhood yesterday, taking photos for another project, when I spotted this... after recently doing a project on sangomas, it made me smile!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

please stay like this

I love Cape Town most when it's cool and misty like this -
  Took this today on my way home from tech.


Toffie time

Tomorrow is the Toffie Pop Culture Festival - I'm super excited!
goodbye, everything

where did it go?

Some drawings I did yesterday, using watercolour pencil crayon.
Heartbreak sucks, but might as well do something useful with it, 
like making some artwork...

closest approach

on the way to Somerset West

somewhere along the N2

On Saturday the moon was really big and beautiful, and luckily I had my camera at hand!

"If the full moon tomorrow appears to be uncomfortably close, don't fret. What you will be witnessing is a "super moon" - a term for when the moon is at its closest to earth. And tomorrow night's close encounter of the lunar kind is the first time in 20 years that this will occur. With it will come higher and lower than normal tides. The US Naval Observatory said the phenomenon last occurred in March 1993. The super moon, also known as a "perigee (closest approach) full moon will rise in the east for about 20 minutes before sunset tomorrow."

- Cape Argus, Friday 19 March 2011.

goodbye england

I get a bit sad when favourite pencil crayons get shorter

Sunday, March 20, 2011

yellow country teeth

this part was scary - had to take photos with flash just to see where we were going!

secret graffiti den

Richard leaves the building

remains of an old smashed TV

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birthday man takes it all in, and takes another drag

slightly scary stencil work

square black hole

hiking in pumps was a BAD idea

too late for that!

last set from Stuart's birthday weekend

walk like a zombie

the birthday boy, with his gang behind him

More shots from Stu's birthday weekend

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outdoor escapades

new dress, scraped legs!

next lot from this morning's adventure ...