Monday, March 7, 2011

The Ink-O-Matic

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This is a third year project that I just completed recently. The brief was for us to design a fantasy machine using four or more existing machine parts that wouldn't usually be found together, with the resulting invention being something really original and unconventional. 

So after spending days feeling incredibly stuck and uninspired, I suddenly came up with this little invention - it's a "Self Automated Tattoo Device" - I've included the design rationale just to explain things a little better...

This new invention is, as the name suggests, a self-automated tattoo device and is aimed at
image-conscious individuals with a fast-paced lifestyle, who generally prefer a more alternative and independent perspective when it comes to style and fashion, but it really could also be suited to anyone interested in getting a quick and convenient, but still permanent tattoo.
Someone who is considering a tattoo might be wary of conventional tattoo artists, due to the
unpredictable nature of the tattooing process - the finished piece is literally in the tattoo artist’s hands and if you happen to choose the wrong person for the job, then you will be stuck with an unsightly creation on your body for the rest of your life! But luckily the Ink-o-Matic solves this problem. Affordable and easy to use, nobody needs to risk having a botched tattoo ever again.
The Ink-o-Matic is a combination of many different mechanical entities, namely a tattoo
machine, a Chinese Suction Cup, a USB Port, a Lithium Ion rechargeable battery and various
Camera components, including the ON/OFF switch with shutter release button, which is typical in Nikon models, a knob for winding film (which in this case is used to adjust and control the suction pressure) and a customised preview screen for a final check before pressing the shutter release/ START button.
1. Switch the device on via the ON/OFF switch on the exterior casing.
2. Have your desired image ready. If printed, hold it about 10 centimetres away from the Compact High Definition Image Scanner and wait for approximately 5 seconds until your image appears on the Preview Screen. If your image is in digital format, simply plug in your drive into the USB Port and wait for your image to appear on the Preview Screen.
3. Turn the Suction knob (located below the ON/OFF switch) until the suction pressure is firm, but not painful. The device should be completely stable, without any pain or discomfort to the dermal area.
4. Once the device is completely secure, hold down the START button for approximately two
seconds. The tattoo machine will now begin to render the image directly into the skin. The time will vary for each piece, so be patient.
5. Once the tattoo machine has finished, turn the suction knob to release pressure.
6. Remove the device and marvel at your perfect new tattoo!
Please note that when fully charged, the battery should be sufficient for 4 hours of tattooing
time. To recharge, simply plug the power cable into the USB Port and connect to a computer or any other power outlet.

This was probably the best part of the whole project - I had so much fun drawing the model/ before and after photos. I couldn't find any reference images with a guy in the right angle, so I just took reference from a photo of a girl applying body lotion!

See the resemblance?


  1. Dude??!?!? Awesome, Brilliant! Please don't hand that in.
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  2. thank you!
    handed it in last week already though... oops