Saturday, July 2, 2011

long time no blog, so here's a nice long post


I have really been neglecting this blog lately, just because so much has been going on.
The Sappi project is over at last, but things have been still been pretty chaotic. But i mean that in a great way, good chaos!

i moved into a much smaller room, so had a big decluttering, dejunking, proper and much-needed clearout. Then it was time to submit our portfolios for midyear assessment at tech, then it was the start of a three week holiday, but it wasn't really a holiday because of all the assignments we were given.

I have also been spending time at one of the country's best advertising agencies, The Jupiter Drawing Room, for the past week and a half, as part of our industry placement project. I've really been enjoying it there and will be a little sad to leave. It's a very inspiring place, filled with great people. Everyone I've met so far has been nice to me and I''ve been able to work on some great projects. Their in-house illustrator is away on holiday, so I've been filling in for him. I'm really in my element there, because it means that all i have to do is draw all day! I've also been working with a copywriting intern on another project, which we will be showing to the client later this week, so I think I've really gained some very valuable experience.

We have to write a comparative report, comparing two different studios, agencies or designers, so next week I will be visiting a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, whose work i have admired for quite some time, so I'm very excited about that as well!

We also have to write an article and take some photographs for a design magazine of our choice, and then design the layout, write the copy and take the photos in the style of that magazine. This needs to be nearly done by the time we go back to tech in two Monday's time. I'm going to go with It's Nice That or Creative Review, but haven't fully decided yet.

Phew! With so much going on, I think I should take up smoking to curb the stress.
No no, only joking!

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ps. smoking lady image is from scotch & scones

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