Thursday, March 1, 2012

StudioPod visual identity

An exciting brief for the first project of my BTech course. Our class was approached by the client, who designs modular housing units that have been made from reclaimed shipping containers.

The client was looking for a new target audience and visual direction, so I came up with this concept.

Due to their interesting design, clever use of materials, modern finishes and clean simple spaces, these modular units would make great work-spaces. Combine this with the fact that the Modupod can be built practically anywhere and leaves hardly any impact or scarring on the land, and you have the perfect solution for an outdoor office, studio or exhibition space.

A modular unit (or cluster of units) will be set up within the forest and marketed as “creative space for rent". Rentals will only be on a short-term basis, allowing more individuals to experience this unique concept. This would be perfect for people who are in-between leases and are looking for a new but temporary location, or those who simply need a fresh perspective and a break from the city.

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