Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Painting Saku

geometric colour blocks on the quad

painting-partner Jenn!

end of day 1, base coat done

we finished just in time, with rain clouds looming in the distance

freshly painted water fountain

a new stage!

all the old tree planters were nicely decked out, creating a great seating and chill area for the kids at break time

 Finally some photos of what I've been up to lately! These were taken a little while ago at Sakumlandela Primary School in Kayelitsha, one of Cape Town's largest informal settlements. This was also part of the Fresh Talent Challenge, linked to the Nokak Sustainable Design Showcase. All the finalists were divided into three main groups, home, school and play. I was in the school group and it was our job to fix up and improve the school, to the best of our ability, with the materials that were given to us.  Our group managed to get a lot done in only a week and despite the sweltering heat and physical and mental fatigue, this was definitely a rewarding experience. I was in the "painting team" and the three of us were in charge of cheering up the rather dull and tired-looking outside play area. We decided to keep things simple and came up with a colourful geometric design, using different sized triangles. All the paint work was done using B-Earth environmentally-friendly paint.

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