Sunday, April 17, 2011

Broken Lens Club

I dropped my camera on its lens about 2 weeks ago, the only problem is that I only realised that something was wrong when I needed to use it last week and the lens was completely jammed - no zoom, no focus, no nothing! But that didn't stop me and some friends from messing around with it until insurance paid out, (which they did, really quickly) - I got my new lens on Friday, but these photos really made me laugh - they were all taken around tech, except for the last one, which i took in my room/"studio"...

my early-morning face!

us in our new "office" - will explain more about this later...

Renate, "our team leader lady"

Jared being organised

I think I had about 5 cups of tea tea that afternoon!

This one is the funniest, because I managed too get the old lens semi-working, took a shot of the new lens in its box, then it packed up again!

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