Monday, April 11, 2011

disposable past

I was looking through a box of old disposable camera photos that I took between 2005 and 2006, back when I was still in high school and everything was inspiring and exciting - wow, ok that sounds way too negative - but anyway, I was really into disposable camera photography and I remember my friend Hannah and I used to go on many photographic expeditions - I think those were the only good times I had at school! 

I remember the day when I took this one it had been raining that morning and when I was walking home from school I was really fascinated by the reflective puddles on the railway bridge. So I rushed home, folded some paper boats, grabbed a kodak disposable and took some shots. 

It's been ages since I took my last disposable photos, and I don't really know why I ever stopped. Maybe because after school I bought a compact digital and now I am lucky with my Nikon SLR, but there is just something so special about film, and especially the fact that when you use a disposable camera you really have no control over how the pictures will turn out. There is something so exciting about waiting for your photos to be developed and then taking them out of their little envelope and seeing them for the first time.

I think I should get back into this!


  1. I am possibly using this photo for album artwork.. I will credit you but my budget is nothing. Chances are you will never see it anyway!

    1. Hi Dave, I would love to see the finished artwork - please email it to me when you're done! My email address is - thanks!