Monday, September 19, 2011

home is where the coffee is

A little bit of what I've been up to lately... This is the cover of a proposal document and the accompanying mood board that my friend, Lisa Nelson and I submitted for the NoKak Eco Design Competition.

The brief required us to come up with anything that is sustainable and environmentally friendly - could be a product or a campaign or anything really!

So we came up with a campaign to discourage the use of polystyrene cups in our college's cafeterias, by encouraging the use of reusable, ceramic mugs and highlighting the dangers of polystyrene as a food container. Polystyrene really is a terrible material, it is incredibly harmful to the environment and after doing some research, we were shocked that it is still so widely used in the food industry.

UPDATE: We made it through to the finals! This is rather nice news, because it means that our work will be part of a traveling exhibition, that will be in South Africa and Sweden. We also have a chance to win a (three-week, i think) trip to Sweden next year! So a lot of hard work lies ahead of us, but lets hold thumbs that we make it!

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