Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Glenryck Pilchards rebranding

can from all angles - click for a larger image

the full range - click for a larger image

This little story appears on the back of every can, in order to add some warmth and authenticity to the design

Hi there! What a mad week this has been (and today is only Tuesday!).

Here is the explanation to the Sailor Glen story from last week - my awesome design partner and friend, Stuart Bothma, and I have been working on a campaign to re-brand Glenryck Pilchards.
Our task was to reposition the brand as a top quality product, a tough job, since pilchards generally have quite low market value and are typically seen as the "poor man's protein". Apart from redesigning the labels, we also had to market the product to a new audience, single black south african mothers, from the age of 35 and above.

Our finished campaign proposal consists of the following: a series of print ad's, two television commercials, new package designs, billboards, instore promotions and a competition.

There are three 'flavours' or variations of products that Glenryck offer - Pilchards in tomato sauce, pilchards in hot chilli sauce and minced pilchards.

I got to design the labels and although this was pretty challenging, I really enjoyed doing it.
There are also some storyboards for the television spots, which I will upload a little later.


  1. Amazing contrast between warm and cool colours and brilliant type :) Well done guys

  2. These are fantastic! Love! x

    PS: I have been following your Pinterest boards for ages but I only just found your blog! Love it, especially your projects. You're really talented, girl!

  3. Thank you Amy, that's really sweet of you! x