Wednesday, February 23, 2011

with Pen and Ink

This is one of my favourite books, not just "favourite design books", but favourite, best, books in general. It actually belongs to my dad, but he's kind of given it to me, so now it lives in my little bookcase - which is in desperate need of an upgrade, getting way too small!

I'm a huge fine of line drawings and this book is just full of amazing ones. At the moment we're busy with a drawing project that involves doing lots of drawings of various machines and tools, so here are some of my weak attempts compared to this amazing book...
Just please bear in mind that I did all of these freehand, no rulers, no erasers, nothing!

closed book

open book!

Kodak Brownie Holiday Flash Camera

Kodak Brownie Holiday Flash Camera - detail

fire extinguisher

Iron - tonal drawing in pencil

Iron - detail

 very old iron

very old iron - detail

Artograph Super Lens AG100 projector

Artograph Super Lens AG100 projector - detail


sieve - detail

sieve - detail

video tape - this got a bit stretched though!

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